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keywords in seo | how to use keywprds

KEYWORD when user type some words on search engine to find out something s, these words are knows as keyword. Keywords  is most important factor for both ON PAGE and OFF PAGE techniques. Keywords must use in TITLE,META KEYWORDS,META DESCRIPTION,HEADING TAGS,BOLD TAGS AND CONTENT.
In SEO you must analyze the keywords for a particular website.
how to analysis the keyword using keyword planner we understand this using simple images :-

in this image we write a keyword for analysing the keywords and search more keywords for SEO our website and click on the "GET IDEAS" button then we go on next page of keyword planner and see :-
 in this first we set the targets, targets like :- location                                                                         content language                                                                        search engines                                                                         negative keywords
After then we see the searches of average mo…

search engine optimization-partition

Seo partition :- their are three types of SEO (search engine optimization) they are as followed :-
WHITE HAT SEO :-WHITE hat SEO is considerd as ethical and organic SEO. In white hat seo we are follow all guide line of search engines. White hat seo is slow process but it is provides long-lasting growth in ranking. So you should use white hat seo for long lasting ranking growth. Many time White hat seo result is take 6 months to give better result and I suggest you white hat seo for better perfomance and rank growthing.
BLACK HAT SEO:-Black hat seo is considered as unethical seo. Black hat seowe are not follow guide line of any search engines. Black hat seo provides quick , unpredictable and short-lasting growth in ranking. If you use black hat seo then search engines add your website in black list. Black hat seo techniques :- Link spam , Keyword Suffering, Clocking, Hidden Links,Hidden Text.
GRAY HAT SEO:- gray hat seo is a combination of white hat seo and black hat seo . WHITE HAT SEO (95%) + BL…

basic SEO(search engine optimization) introduction

What is seo ? SEO is stands for Search Engine Optimization. Seo is an online marketing technique which helps you to  brings your website on top in search engine’s result for a particular keyword. Keywords: when user type some words on search engine to find out somethings. These words are known as keywords. An estimated 75% user find out websites via search engine like google, yahoo,bing.
why we use seo ? increase visibility on search engines. Get more traffic on your websites. “traffic” no of users who visit your website. This is use to convert your local business to international business. This is easy way to show your business as a brand.
Firstly we know that what is serch engine ? SEO = SEARCH ENGINE + OPTIMIZATION (SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION) Search engine is a software system that is designed to search an information on world wide web. Google , yahoo , bing  are most used search engines. An estimated 80% to 90% internet user use google and 10-15% users are use yahoo , bing as search engine.

Robots.txt file

Robots.txt Robots.txt file is a standard which is used by websites to communicate with web crawlers and other web robots.this file is used to inform the web robots about which areas of website should not be processed or scanned. One way to tell search engines which files and folders on your Web site to avoid is with the use of the Robots metatag. But since not all search engines read metatags, the Robots matatag can simply go unnoticed. A better way to inform search engines about your will is to use a robots.txt file. It is great when search engines frequently visit your site and index your content but often there are cases when indexing parts of your online content is not what you want.
WHAT IS Robots.txt file ? Robots.txt file is a text file (not a html file) which you put on your sites to tells search robots which page you like them not to visit. The location of robots.txt is very important. It must be in the main directory because otherwise user agents (search engines) will not be able…